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The Community Hub web service has a number of available features for your organisation, which include:

A fully responsive design –
That will work on mobiles, tablets and computers with no problems to help you build and manage a web presence

Manage Users –
Manage a number of users and their ability to update the website in a simple to use format

Unlimited pages –
You can have any number of pages that your organisation needs, choose only the options you want and need

News and events –
You have the ability to announce news and update information within your organisation and area, as well as schedule community and council events on separate calendars for ease of use
Meeting agendas and minutes –
Can be displayed as a list for ease of use, but will also have the capability of being exported as a Word document so they can be printed and saved easily onto user’s computers

File management –
You have the ability to publish documents such as leaflets, annual reports and press releases in a number of document formats
Planning –
You have the ability to display and comment on planning applications currently in your parish council’s area

Committee information –
Display the key details including the contact details of important people within your organisation, for example the Clerk and Councillors etc.

Unlimited forms –
You can have as many forms and questionnaires as your organisation needs, choose as many as you need for contact, reporting local damages and even online surveys



Domain name –
you have the ability to use your own website address for your website

Email –
you have the ability to add as many email address and accounts as you need, which will help organise emails into specific categories for ease of use (eg. you could have parishclerk@parishcouncil.co.uk and also reportdamage@parishcouncil.co.uk)